• How to develop intelligent industrial control board based on industrial Internet of things

    2020-05-06 202

      Today, technology has entered people's day, our day has changed dramatically. People enjoy the surprises and experience brought by technology, but also have more expectations and requirements for technology. The industrial Internet of things turns every link and device in the production process into a data terminal, constantly generating and accepting data and adopting actions. Therefore, the chemical industry intelligent industrial control board based on the industrial Internet of things has the advantages of high automation and intelligence.

      1、 Ability to improve product functions

      Equipment and data shaking will affect the product, only through the pressure, drop acceleration, temperature control is not complete. With the analysis of process data, it can optimize the control, and then make the product more in line with the actual production, product function more excellent and stability higher.

      2、 Improve production efficiency

      The network intelligence can make the production system put forward the prediction as early as possible, make the reasonable organization in advance, and then make the production efficiency progress.

      3、 Product quality is traceable.

      The intelligent industrial control board system collects and saves the system operation data in real time through various sensors and acoustooptic systems. It can monitor the change of parameters such as weight, temperature, pressure and operation time. All parameters and formulas are entered into the formula database, which is helpful for data collection and extraction. It can track the quality of products and quickly analyze the reasons.

      4、 Protect personnel safety production

      Through the intelligent system, the damage of hazardous chemicals to personnel can be minimized. Through real-time monitoring of equipment environment, it can timely alarm, shutdown system and take necessary measures to prevent safety accidents.

      5、 Reduce equipment protection cost

      The data of each component of the device will be stored in the record, and some important components whose service life is about to expire can be replaced as early as possible, so it does not need to cause the protection of the entire device.

      Compared with the previous production conditions, equipment problems can be found as early as possible, and warnings can be announced as early as possible to prevent overhaul after damage.

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