• Zhongshan intelligent control board analysis in the new trend of industrial Internet of things, intelligent control board performance?

    2020-05-06 217

      In recent years, technology has been developed in an all-round way, and artificial intelligence has entered the initial stage. 5g, machine algorithm and deep learning are no longer just marketing concepts, but have been upgraded to new solutions. So, what is the performance of the intelligent control board in the new industrial Internet of things trend?

      We need to find out what the Internet of things is?

      The definition of the Internet of things is a kind of network that connects any object with the Internet for information exchange and communication through RFID, infrared sensor, global positioning system, laser scanner and other information sensing equipment according to the agreed protocol, so as to complete the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and handling of the object.

      What is the relationship between the Internet of things and the Internet?

      Internet is the extension of Internet. It uses communication technology to connect sensors, controllers, machines, people and things in a new way, so as to form the connection between adults and things, things and things, which is very important for cloud accounting. And information entities. The demand for related sensing equipment in this market segment makes industrial integration an inevitable trend in the future, and provides infinite possibilities for practical application.

      It can be predicted that Internet is still the important foundation and center of Internet of things technology, and the integration of various wired and wireless networks and Internet will convey the information of relevant policies in real time and accurately.

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